About Me


I suppose I should introduce myself and tell you a little bit more and what not.
I'm Lizzie, a 23 year old Yorkshire girl. I live with my lovely boyfriend and little Bichon Frise Harry.

I graduated from university in 2010 and basically spent 3 years studying something that would not help me one little bit when it came to getting a job. I did however enjoy those three years and met some of my closest friends and even the boy, I now have a job that is not related in the slightest to my degree but I'm sure thats the case for many graduates out there.

This is my first home since house sharing at University and I am learning how to manage and run a household efficiently and also am lucky to have a lovely landlady who allows us to decorate and re-order the house within reason meaning that we I can take inspiration from my favourite magazines (Ideal homes and Country Living) to make this house our own.

I enjoy baking and creating little things to bring smiles to the faces of others, I will almost always share everything I make on here be it successful or not. I aim to update this blog once a week if not more, depending on what I have to share. I hope you will join me and my two on our little journey through life. :)